Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eliza iPod session

Meet Eliza, a wonderful and energetic young lady. We photographed her for this iPod session and ended up taking a large variety of images. She was a pleasure to work with! we will be photographing her Bat Mitzvah in June.

I created the first iPod Eliza and then I found an image that I thought would work even better, then I could not choose so I found a third image and this is the collage that we created for Eliza's signature photograph for her party after her Bat Mitzvah (Hulahanks)

We loved her hair so we also tried one with her lying down and her hair splayed out. I do like the way that it turned out, except that she looks like she is college age not 13!

Here is the same image without the iPod silhouette effect applied...

OK, these next few were really fun. We had poor Eliza doing all kinds of jumps, splits, etc. etc. So for these next few she got to sit indian style on our posing stool, which I later removed in here she is on cloud nine...

Adding in the iPod and now she is on cloud nine listening to her favorite tunes...

Can you tell the different between these next two???
Hint click on them to make them larger.
OK no hocus pocus for this one, just a wonderful portrait of this beautiful young lady.

Like I said we had a great session, creating many more images than anticipated. Here is a collage of a few..

I had to include the last one, in black and white, because I loved the cheerleading move whjere she jumped up and was almost completely horizontal in the air. Can you tell that she is a flyer in cheerleading?
We are looking forward to photographing Eliza's Bat Mitzvah and her party at Hulahanks afterwards. To see more of here photographs from this session take a look at her gallery on our website:

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