Monday, May 11, 2009

After the Image Challenge Winners -- Honorable Mention to Lisa Cuchara

After the Image Challenge Winners

May 11, 2009

Ok we have our winners finally for our After the Image challenge. The Challenge was to produce an image that was sellable and that was modified after the original image. We all would like to sell images straight out of the camera, but more often than not - there are times when we see an image and think we can do more - and then we do - and then it sells - and then it goes from an ordinary image to something amazing.

The First Winner was: Danielle. Roxanne from Pixel2Canvas picked her as the winner. And Danielle wins a canvas from Pixel2Canvas!Nice work!!

Our Honorable Mention went to Lisa Cuchara
I love that she was able to take the distracting elements away for a classic portrait. Lisa won a Sugar Card template from Photographer Cafe

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