Friday, August 15, 2008

Trenita and Greg

We thank Trenita and Greg for sharing their day with us. Here are some more photos of the two of them.

Greg the romantic!

One big advantage of hiring us for your wedding is that there are two of us -- Tom was photographing the processional as I captured these images of Greg as the bridesmaids, the flower girl and then Trenita coming down the aisle.

I just love black and white and color -- special effects like these are included in our packages

Gosh they are such a wonderful couple, I have sooo many favorites.

I just love these two images of Trenita with her sons.

Doesn't this just melt your heart!

sometimes we just like to have fun with the photos

Things like candle lighting really lend themselves to creating paintings.

A watercolor really makes thes roses pop out.

I applied two artistic effects to this flower girl.

Tom had fun with this image. I set it up, which meant that he had to lie on the ground to capture this...

Last one, another of my favorites...I applied a creative filter to change the quality of the light (it was taken around 2:00).

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