Friday, August 16, 2013

"THE" Red Chair Panorama

Here is my version of "THE" Red Chair Panorama. I just had to try it after seeing Tony Sweet's photograph at the recent Triple Header (the audience clapped when they saw it, as they appreciated that it is hard to create an awesomely different image of such an iconic scene). I could not find Ton'y version online so I cannot link to his version for you to see his awesome originality.

I posted three versions, which do you like the best? the top one, the darker version or the Nik midnight blue version?

105 images taken at Eastern State Penitentiary -- 98 images (14 compositions, 7 exposures each, tripod not moved) were HDRed and stitched into this panorama. Then another composition (7 exposures, taken from the doorway) were taken and HDRed and then this HDR image was layer-masked back into the doorway. Versions 2 (glamour glow, duplex and detail extractor) and 3 (midnight and detail extractor) were processed in Nik.


I cannot wait to go back and try again! We are leading a workshop to Eastern State Penitentiary on Sept 21st and we will have the entire place to ourselves before the public arrives. 

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