Monday, February 21, 2011

Scotland Almost 7 months old

We have been photographing Scotland since she was just a twinkle in her parent's eye, LOL (well even before then -- we photographed their engagement with their dog, their wedding, their maternity, their newborn and now this absolutely beautiful baby!).

Scotland is almost 7 months old in these photographs and she is just the most adorable baby!
We had such a great session, getting to use so many different props. You can view more images from this spectacular sesion here in this gallery on our website.

We just got this suitcase in, so I was sooo excited when I saw that her Mom was clairvoyant and brought her dressed in a color coordinated outfit for the two first setups!
and then she just sat right there in the midst of all those teddy bears looking adorable.

The washbowl is new too. The pearls were brought in by her Mom, we have photographed Scotland with these pearls since she was a newborn (well before she was born actually, in the maternity session too!)

I just love Black and white for babies, black and white and color works too!

You can see what an absolutely awesome session we had -- we go to try out so many props and just bring out th personality in this beautiful little girl.

Cannot wait for the next session, when Scotland can stand but cannot yet walk!

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