Sunday, June 20, 2010

Donovan photographed by Connecticut photographers Tom and Lisa Cuchara of BREA Photos

Meet Donovan...

Such a wonderful young man. He had a lot of fun playing in our Studio and we were able to really capture a lot of expressions from him.

He loves sports and told me that he really likes basketball, but that he needs to be a little older before he can play football.

Donvan with his Mom and his Dad. Look at the way that he looks at his Dad. I love it!

I really like the way that the Trios came out. Family portraits are so important. There have been studies showing that children do better and have more self esteem in homes where family portraits hang on the wall. These family portraits really help to establish their place within the family.

"Father and Son" I really like this last series -- look at all of the interactions with his Dad. Wow...

See more photographs from his session in his gallery on our website.

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