Sunday, December 6, 2009

Veronica sneak peak

Remember little Veronica? We photographed her six months ago when she was ooh soo tiny

We put her back into the same teacup that engulfed her just a short time ago and what a difference! They change sooo much at this age!

We took sooo many photographs of Veronica in all sorts of outfits and with all sorts of props and with all sorts of expressions. I had just too many favorites! Her are a few. You can see many more photographs of her on our website:

We just loved this next series! Tom was getting a kick out of her "expression" as her parents were kissing over her head!

This next series is some our our "digital darkroom" fun images...

I love the collages. They enable you to either tell a story or just display more photographs.
Besides, studies have shown that children whose parents display family photographs in the home grow up with greater confidence and sense of belonging than those who don’t, according to a top psychologisists. For example Professor Geoff Beattie, Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester, says that photography in the home makes children feel valued and gives them a rich understanding of where they come from. Professor Beattie, who has regularly appeared on GMTV, Richard & Judy and The Lorraine Kelly Show, said: “We cannot underestimate the power of photographs to keep us feeling linked to others and belonging. They cement us into our networks." “For children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socialising process; learning who you are and where you fit into the family. By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them.” “When children grow up surrounded by photographs, it gives them a richer understanding of where they come from, which helps with confidence. I have done a lot of research into how important it is to be reminded of the past, and photographs are a brilliant way of doing that. “Until recently, people often thought of photographs as almost trivial, but actually they are an incredibly important way of connecting with our sense of self, with each other and with times gone by.”

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