Saturday, October 31, 2009

The wedding of Louise and Aldrich at the Mill on the River

Here are some photographs from the wedding of Louise and Aldrich at the Mill on the River. If you have never been to the Mill on the River it is a great place, with a covered bridge, a waterfall and Sunday brunches.

As I previously blogged they had a very unique ceremony complete with Dr. Seuss vows.

The day was just so picture perfect that it looked like a painting, so I had to create a painting from one of thier photographs. Click on it to enlarge it and see it with more detail.

This next image was a HDR (high dynamic range) where three images, one exposed for the highlights and one exposed for the shadows, were combined into one photographs to bring out the details. Wow!

You can see the magic between the two of them, especially when they look at each other.

The color of Louise's dress, Martha's dress, their hair color and the Fall colors just made for spectacular photographs!

You can view the rest of their photographs on our website at:

You can also view their slideshow here:

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