Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Photographer Tracy Raver makes the "Today Show"

Tracy Raver was on the "Today" show Friday morning to talk about her unique way of photographing newborns. You can watch the video on Yahoo's BUZZ but her philosophy is very similar to ours. We have always told new parents -- bring the baby in as soon as possible because they sleep a lot during the first few weeks and you can really pose a sleeping baby (like we did with Leilani when we put her into the dresser drawer at 8 days old.

The video intreview shows photographs of sleeping babies -- and yes they seem to be posing for the camera.
In the interview with Meredith Vieira, Raver said that she strives for photos that show babies curled up, as if they were in their mother's womb. Once they are 3-4 weeks old they discover their limbs, extending them all the time and are not as easy to curl up or pose. There are lots of reasons to photograph your newborn when they are small -- after 3-4 weeks baby acne often sets in, they have surpassed that "newborn stage" and they will never be that small again, they are "uncurled" and they do not sleep the same as they did when they were littler.

We photograph babies of all ages, but under three weeks is best and the first 10 days are magical. The next best time to photograph them is a developmental hurdle when they can sit up, usually around 6 months and then again when they can stand of their own at 9-12 months, but before they are walking everywhere. One of our favorite sessions is with a 11-12 month old in a diaper with some balloons and a birthday cake -- and just let them have fun!

See the video here

Better yet, schedule a photo session with your newborn. We do sell gift certificates (they make great baby shower gifts) and we do schedule appointments when you are pregnant, based on your expected due date and with the knowledge that flexibility is key.
You can see a few of our previous baby sessions here:

We would love to see your little miracle (or the newborn of friends and family) at our Studio.

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