Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lisa & Tom present program at NECCC

We just recently presented at NECCC's extensive three-day photography conference held each July at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. Click here to view the 2009 Conference Detail & Program Schedule. or here to download the 2009 Program Schedule as an Excel file (a PDF version is also available on the Next Conference page.). About 1200 attendees were at this conference and we gave this talk three times over the course of the weekend.

The program that we presented was entitled: Basic Photoshop: Where Do I Begin? by Lisa and Tom Cuchara (CT)

Lisa and Tom will discuss the use of Photoshop as a tool in the ‘digital darkroom’. In this basic Photoshop program they will demonstrate (and take the mystery out of) ‘non-destructive’ editing techniques. They will walk you thru adjustment layers, show you some of the most often used filters (Sharpen, Blur, Artistic) and demonstrate some popular editing tools (Crop, Clone, Patch, Heal, Dodge, Burn). In addition, they will show you how to apply an effect to a selected area of your photograph. This introductory program is designed for people who are computer literate but new to Photoshop.

If you have any questions or want us to put on a program for your group please email us. We have posted some notes to our program here on my Blog which you can even subscribe to (no charge) for almost daily photography advice, information, phot0 ops, etc. If you attended NECCC and would like the exe to view at your leisure please sign up for our blog and then email us that you have subscribed and we will email you a file that you can open and view at your own speed.

We had a great time at the conference, teaching, learning, the comradery with fellow photographers, etc., etc. Everyone leaves feeling very motivated and pumped about photography. We have been attending this conference (the 64th annual) for the past ten years and this will be the third time that we presented a program there. Last Year we presented "Layers and Masks: White Reveals, Black conceals" and three years ago we presented "Digital Workflow: in the field and at the computer".

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Digital Silver Imaging said...

Hi Lisa and Tom,

Sorry we didn't get to see one another at the NECCC trade show. I was buried way in the back!

I am glad you enjoyed the conference. I was unable to attend your workshop and was sorry to have missed it - I heard from a few folks how much they liked it.