Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet Veronica -- an adorable newborn!

Andrey and Magda's family recently grew by two feet.

Andrey will always be able to look back at this time in his life as one of great accomplishments: 2009 -- the year that his daughter Veronica was born, the year that he defended his PhD in Immunology from Yale Medical College and the year that he was honored as one of the top ten photographers in PSA (Photographic Society of Amercia). Needless to say we were honored to have a chance to meet little Veronica and photograph her. She is an adorable baby girl with two doting parents.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the session (but I have not processed them all yet)...
There are more edited photos (and a lot of unedited photographs) on our website in this gallery:

She posed so well in her parent's arm, cute as a button!

We purposely "posed" her this way in this next image because we had this in mind!

Can you believe how little she is?

See how s t r e t c h e d out she is in this next one??? She did this a LOT.
Newborn photography is usually done withinin the first three weeks, preferably within the first 8 days because they are usually still "all scrunched up" and very rarely discover their legs and "unroll" and stretch until after 3 weeks when they lose their "newborn" features and attain other characteristics.
Not Veronica. Veronica was born 4 weeks early BUT she is not going to let that stop her, no way, no how. You can tell some of her disposition already. There were some "newborn poses" that she was just having no part of (but we got many other poses that I would not have thought possible for such a wee little one).

We love collages like this one because it allows you to tell a more complete story.
Isn't she angelic? We will have to do an angel session when she is a little bit older.

Although we love our props nothing is cuter than a newborn against her daddy' skin.

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